Yes of course vs. of course not   Do Palestinians have the right to live in Palestine? (Israel)

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Arnold Yao US Voted for of course not of course not (5 years 5 months ago)

Despite the best efforts of the Holocaust-deniers and Muslims, Israel stands strong here as she has done in real life. GO, ISRAEL!

Holohoax & 9/11 Psyop Voted for Yes of course Yes of course (5 years 6 months ago)

Watch the following documentaries on Youtube that expose the so called Holocaust: The Last Days of the Big Lie, One Third of the Holocaust, David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary, More than Taboo, Herman Rosenblat a Holocaust Liar. If you want to know how 9/11 was pulled off watch the documentary September Clues on Youtube. Also Google: Vicsim Report. Then download the report. Forward the links to your friends. Motto: Never trust the Main Stream Media.

Roi IL Observer (5 years 6 months ago)

Israelis have a right to fight in Palestine. And now what ... Palestinians begin with us and throw rockets and throw stones ... So the IDF do everything to protect us! Palestine does not belong at all to Israel. They just Jewish state\'s territories belong to them. Israel was another of the Jews from the Bible

Get the FACTS straight GB Voted for of course not of course not (5 years 8 months ago)

Arabfat started the Modern myth of Arab Palestinians, because until 1967 only Jews were refered to as Palestinians. The fact is that the Emporer Hadrian Renamed the Conqured land of Isreal to Palestinia to expunge its name from History as a punishment for the Jewish Bah Kokbah revolt in AD76. Israel was Palestine & Palestine was Israel by another name. Therefore the REAL Palestinians are the Israelis. This is IRREFUTABLE FACT.

Jacob Voted for of course not of course not (5 years 8 months ago)

FREE ISRAEL FROM PALESTINE! The land of Israel is the eternal homeland of the Jews, and Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

Who is really behind 9/11? IE Observer (5 years 8 months ago)

Google & watch the September Clues video on YouTube

محمد EG Observer (5 years 9 months ago)

انظروا الى السؤال و التصويت هذا التصويت غير عادل فلسطين ارض الفلسطينيي ن و لهم الحق بالعيش بها و المفترض ان يخرج منها اليهود المغتصبين و اوجه السؤال الى من يصوتون لأسرائيل بأبسط مثال : اذا سرق احد منزلك فلمن سيكون الحق فى السكن المالك ام السارق ؟؟؟

YES OF COURSE PALESTINE Voted for Yes of course Yes of course (5 years 9 months ago)

NOUS SOMME avec vous Palestine jusqu\'à la fin nous allons tous vous soutenir,et vous aller finir par sortir le colonisateur israéliens de votre pays,et vivre en liberté et paix.

YES OF COURSE PALESTINE Voted for Yes of course Yes of course (5 years 9 months ago)

Les israéliens se sont des hypocrites,des monteurs,des tricheurs,des acteurs amateur qui joue leurs rôles avec perfection,pour gagner la pitié des autres,se sont des matérialistes,ils achètent tout avec leur argent sale mais ils savent pas que \"el koudse\" ne s’achète avec l\'argent.les israéliens se sont des gens qui n\'ont pas de place et ils veulent s\'imposer avec leur l\'argent ni la force vaut ou font devant la capacité de viendra leur jour inchallah.l\'isl

YES OF COURS PALESTINE Voted for Yes of course Yes of course (5 years 9 months ago)

Je suis algérien parmi des milliers des algériens qui aime la Palestine.l\'islam et la religion la plus pure qui va durée jusqu’à la fin,qui nous conduit vers le bon chemin de qui nous permettre de vivre en paie

Mohammed IL Voted for Yes of course Yes of course (5 years 10 months ago)

Israel is peice of s**t,They thinks god love them, got will murder you, will burn you in huge fire, in judgement day, you just wait, Palestine will take control of israel.. slam alikm.

to loay GB Observer (5 years 10 months ago)

The Issue here is : Are the Arabs living in West Bank & Gaza really Palestinians ? the Answer is, of course NOT. When you use the Term Palestinian it is just the Name that Hadrian the Roman Emporer gave to Israel. Therefore the REAL Palestiains are the Jews who have lived in Israel for over 3500 Years. This is historically & Factually correct. The Arabs are just Jordanians, Lebanese & Syrians who all speak arabic, becouse there has NEVER been a Land of Palestine other than Roman name for Israel

loay SA Observer (5 years 10 months ago)

hhahahahahahaaaaaaa, it is like the questions, do the USA people have the rights to live in USA? do the british have the rights to live in britain? , it is NOOOOOO Israel in this world , it is temporary name

Abraham US Observer (5 years 10 months ago)

Palestine (Israel) Where was israel before 1948 - 47 ??? Oh and stop calling us pigs you a$$holes cause we don\'t even touch this bad s|-|it

Human Being Observer (5 years 10 months ago)

Ha Ha Ha. Stupid Questions. Go to the hell

The Should Have Stayed US Voted for of course not of course not (5 years 11 months ago)

Most of those who were living at time of creation of Israel left. Why the change of mind - they did not consider themselves bound to the land at the time - not until Arafat, using them for his political ends, told them they must die to live in Israel.

Habib Voted for Yes of course Yes of course (6 years 1 month ago)

By far this is the most stupid question I ever heard... all those who reponded \"of course not\" do not deserve to be regarded as human beings, sorry.

hani darhem Observer (6 years 1 month ago)

Ana motaakid ana hada tazwir viva\\\\\\\'filistin alhora\\\\\\\'...... .... .. ......

heba Observer (6 years 1 month ago)

ليش ما نعيش في بلدنا . متل اي مواطن له حقوق في وطنه . ليش مكتوب علينا شتات .طول عمرنا . ليش احنا . الدوله الوحيه في عالم . مغضوب علينا . ليش ما نحمل جواز فلسطيني ونصلي في القدس . ليش . وليش . الي متي الظلم .

hiba Voted for Yes of course Yes of course (6 years 1 month ago)

not a even a question to consider its like asking : do we need air to breathe ?

By: Aissa, July 3, 2010


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